(30) Questions Every Author Should Be Prepared to Answer About Their Books

Has there ever been a point in your life that after reading a certain book, you were left with several questions that needed answers? Perhaps you’d like to understand the characters‘ actions, the inception of the storyline or even how the author came up with the book. Well, you're in luck! Discussions with authors about the books they have written are always a good idea, especially if one wants to look at a work in a completely different light.

In this piece, you’ll find over 30 great questions to ask authors, neatly filed under headings for your convenience. It also gives it some”great answer” examples to help pique your curiosity and frame your arguments.

Therefore, the next time you find yourself in a situation where you are face to face with your favorite author, be it at a book signing, a live chat, or even just in the comments section of social media, why not use some of these questions to fuel the conversation?

Question/Answer/Discussion Prompts


Question: How did the idea of this book originate?


Answer: The source of fiction can come from many different places – real life, history, the news, or even dreams. Their answer could be unexpected and could open more layers within the story.


Discussion: Following the inspiring segment, think about how it fits into the plot. Was the use of personal stories or historical facts and events more covert?


Question: Which books/author and events inspired you when writing?


Answer: Knowing about the author’s background can help put into perspective the ideas presented in his stories as well as the way he has chosen to write them.


Discussion: Find the intersections between the author’s influences and their body of work. In what ways do these influences affect the world that they have formed?



Question: Which of the characters was the most challenging to create and why?


Answer: As you have noted, it is quite natural for authors to encounter some of these hurdles in developing unique characters. This question has raised many issues concerning creation of characters in the game.


Discussion: Consider what the character wants and consider what he/she does. The battle between the author and the character made the latter seem more realistic or even more enigmatic?


Question: Which of your characters would you like to get the chance to speak with and what would you like to discuss with them?


Answer: This question raises the level of concern the author is willing to take in his characters. Their answer may include some aspects about the character’s feelings and attitudes.


Discussion: I would like to ask you to picture one of the characters of the book that you liked most. What would you like to know about them? In what ways could their response be different from the author’s?


Question: Last of all, do you think that you wanted to conclude the book in this particular manner right from the beginning or did it occur to you when you were in the process of writing the book?


Answer: Analyzing how the conclusion was reached may reveal more about the author’s mental processes and future intentions for the characters.


Discussion: What was your opinion about the ending? Have you ever wanted to change the outcome of something? How did the author’s answer influence your perception of the story?


Question: Can you describe how you usually approach the process of writing?


 Rituals and routines:


Answer: Writing techniques are different for different authors. This question is the opportunity to explore the magic (or the confusion) within the framework of the book.


Discussion: Is there anything in this process that looks like something you have done before? But what about your personal writing?


Question: Are there any hidden messages or themes that you hope readers will pick up on?


Answer: Authors often weave layers of meaning into their stories. Their answer might reveal a deeper understanding of the book's message.


Discussion: Consider what themes you came across while reading the text. Did the author’s answer agree with your understanding? Were there themes that they pointed out that you had not thought about previously?


Question: If your book were made into a movie or series, who would you like to see as the main actors?


Answer: This question can be playful and entertaining and provides an interesting look into how the author envisions their characters.


Discussion: What do you think of the author’s selection of characters? Which actors would you choose to portray the characters and why?


Question: What are you doing at the moment? May I ask what your next project in the pipeline is?


Answer: This question gives authors a chance to express their anticipation of future books and may lead to interest from readers.



Discussing the books with authors is a valuable process not only for the readers but also for the authors themselves. Thus, if you ask meaningful questions, you get a better understanding of the creative process and the reality behind the plot.

This list can help you to plan your next author interaction. Do not forget that the best questions are the ones that are interesting to you and provoke further discussion. Therefore, do not hesitate to establish contact with the authors you like and get to know more about the tales that come to the stage!

Bonus Tip: After having a conversation with the author, you may decide to share your experience and questions on the social media platforms. It can elicit discussions with other readers and assist in the creation of a strong bookish community.


People Also Ask

Here are some related questions people often ask about authors and their books:

A General tips about a book signing

Always try to gather as much information about the author and their work before reading it or analyzing it.

Learn a useful piece of advice and then come up with a smart question to ask.

It may be useful to bring an autographing pen and even a book to be signed.

Observe the author’s time and personnel in line in the queue.

Q. Where can I read questions and answers with authors?

A. It is common practice for bookstores and many libraries to organize events where the author presents the book.

Information that is given during a live event, such as Q&A sessions, is usually posted on the author’s website or social media accounts.

The participation in literary festivals and conferences often includes author presentations and panel discussions.

Q. Best opening words for when you get a chance to meet the author?

A. You may want to start off by saying ‘what a wonderful piece of work…’.

Discuss at least two insights that one could have gathered from the same while reading through the article.

A possible question

Do you like the main character and what do you think about his/ her decision in the book?


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